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The Aebi-Eby Families of Switzerland, Germany and North America Book
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The Aebi-Eby-Abee-Eaby-Ebey-Aby Famlies History and Genealogy Book
The AEBI-EBY Families of Switzerland, Germany and North America, 1550-1850
This AEBI-EBY Book Includes:

The Corrected ancestry of Theodorus Eby, the progenitor of nearly all of the Eby, Abee, Eaby, Ebi, Aby, Ebey families in North America today, who was the earliest known immigrant to Pennsylvania in 1717. This newly discovered genealogical data corrects previous and widely accepted versions of the Theodorus Eby Ancestry which are in error.

The Swiss origins of the Aebi-Eby families with documentation from as far back as 1342, as well as, extensive documentation on German, North American and Galicia, Aebi, Eby and Ewy families.

Over 60 translated documents that describe the harsh actions and judgments made by government officials and agencies that persecuted, tortured, and deported many Aebi-Eby family members throughout the 17th and 18th centuries as part of the Anabaptist movement. This is easily the most extensive collection of Aebi-Eby Primary source data.

Over 400 pages with 55 illustrations including 12 Aebi Family Arms, 10 detailed maps and over 200 Family Outline Charts.

D. E. Newman